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Virtual CTO services or CTO consultancy services

Virtual CTO services or CTO consultancy services is a one-of-a-kind offering in which our highly experienced technology expert, specifically chosen for your business needs, collaborates with you to ease and support IT initiatives, outline tech strategies and approaches based on business objectives, and manage technology infrastructure, tools, and teams. Through CTO as a service, the technological expert works as a consultant CTO with you and is reachable in your timeframe, via your selected forms of communication, and at your workplace on-demand.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) lays out the technical roadmap, plans, and direction for the company’s operations. A CTO is responsible for connecting technology with organisational objectives.

A Virtual CTO Service is a superior alternative to a CTO when it comes to leading the organisation in both technical and commercial aspects. It is a one-of-a-kind service that provides a whole team of professionals, rather than a single full-time CTO, to handle the CTO position on a full-time, part-time, or consultancy basis.

// Virtual CTO

Hire a virtual CTO for your startup

A completely bundled solution that allows entrepreneurs and startups to partner with the top technological leadership roles at a low cost. Software initiatives frequently go off track owing to a lack of preparation or inadequate communication between the entrepreneur and engineers. Working with our specialists to plan out your project thoroughly before you begin development may help you refine your vision, enhance your product, get to market faster, and save thousands of dollars. We can help you with anything from product design and architecture to finding IT talent for a fraction of the cost of hiring a CTO before you really need one.

// Duties of a Virtual CTO

What are the duties of a virtual CTO?

To be successful, CTOs must have an entrepreneurial attitude; they must think outside the box and provide innovative solutions to challenges.

The CTO is the link between business and technology. They have a comprehensive grasp of technical and leadership abilities, and they utilise this information to direct the organisation towards its objectives in the most effective manner. The duties of a CTO vary substantially depending on the size and objectives of a business. Nonetheless, these are the most frequent responsibilities of a CTO:


Typically, the CTO is responsible for creating architecture. The more the complexity of the IT product, the greater the planning work devoted to the architecture.


To make the most effective judgements, CTOs should constantly be current on the latest developments. They are the ones who know which technologies are appropriate and which should be avoided.


CTO is responsible for developing the company's technology strategy. It comprises budgeting, tasks, objectives, etc.


A CTO is responsible for fostering or facilitating teamwork with a single goal, ensuring the plan is adhered to, and optimising work as required.


The CTO creates and distributes a roadmap so that the developers may begin working on the project.

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"We firmly belive that money should not be an obstacle for a startup with growth potential, hence we've designed a unique equity linked payment model."

// Equity linked engagement model

Hire a CTO against your startup's Equity

If you have an exciting pre-validated startup idea and worried about the fees for hiring a CTO, look no further.

The precise costs and timing depend directly on what we construct. Every project is unique. To obtain a fundamental concept of the range of expenses. Contact us any time to receive a customised offer. We've prepared engagement models for all sized startups so you can get started right away. They're great for small companies and large organizations.

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